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LayLax SIG AIR Proforce M17 CQC Holster (Right) (Black)

The holster for SIG AIR PROFORCE M17 Only

●Quick draw holster with superior retention
●Smooth and easy draw
●The paddle and holster can be detached with one simple button.
●360 degree adjustability with 24 different positions!
●Adjustable retention screw to fine tune your fit of your handgun.
●Military grade polymer for ultimate durability and strength.
●Can be equipped with a variety of accessory options.

Easily adjust the retention strength with the adjustment screw for the perfect fit for your individual handgun.
The rounded paddle forms to your waistline for a better fit with your belt.
Firm and positive "click" when reinserting your handgun.
Quickly and smoothly draw your handgun with a touch of the release button.
Freely change the angle of your holster to accommodate for different draw styles and body types, a full 360 degrees of adjustable freedom and 24 different secure positions!

Weight: 220g
Material: Nylon Polymer
Color: Black

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 23 November, 2021.