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Tokyo Marui SAA.45 Artillery 5 1/2 inch Black (Air Revolver Pro) Pre-Order

The SAA.45 Artillery 5 1/2 inch made by Tokyo Marui Factory.
This is Air Cocking Version

Major features.
No power source required:
It is a handy air cocking model that manually prepares for launching each shot. Just operate the hammer and you're ready to fire, then just pull the trigger to fire a BB bullet.

Reproduce the characteristic operation:
Set the cartridge with BB bullets in the cylinder one by one in the half-cock state. You can enjoy reloading unique to this model. In addition, the cartridge can be taken out one by one with the ejector rod.

Internal frame with metal parts:
Rigidity is increased by using metal parts for the inner frame. Eliminates distortion during hammer cock.

Equipped with variable hop-up system:
Equipped with a variable hop-up system that can fly BB bullets to a long distance with less power by giving rotation to the bullets. The degree of hop can be adjusted according to the BB bullet of 0.12g or 0.2g.

Equipped with safety:
Equipped with a safety that imitates a screw on the upper part of the trigger. By pushing the safety at full cock, the trigger and hammer are locked.

Includes 6 cartridges:
Includes 6 cartridges that can be loaded with BB bullets one by one. The full cock moves the warhead inside the cylinder, improving accuracy.

Length: 285mm
Weight: 435g (Without Cartridge)
Cylinder Cartridge: 6rds (6mm BB)
Material: Plastic
Color: Black

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 31 May, 2022.