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Umarex (VFC) H&K PSG-1 Gas Blow Back Rifle

The H&K PSG1 Gas Blow Back made by Taiwan VFC
Official Licensed by H&K (HECKLER & KOCH)

Weight: 5200g
Length: 1220~1280mm (Buttpad adjustable)
Inner Barrel Length: 650mm
Material: Steel, Nylon, Aluminum, Alloy, Rubber.
Magazine Capacity: 20rds + 1rd (6mm BB)
Fire Mode: Semi Auto / Safety
Hop Up: Adjustable
System: Gas Blow Back
Power: 350fps

● H&K(Umarex) authorized manufacturing, the measurement from the original size, full marking.
● PSG-1 Type 25.6" heavy outer barrel, with corresponding black nylon handguard.
● Easy HOP UP Adjustment, Just take down a pin, remove the handguard, and the HOP UP system knob on the barrel base could be adjust easily without tools.
● Realistic Cocking Lever Housing, Constructed with stamped steel and welded just like the real gun; with all the attention to detail including the original ribbing and welding spots.
● Charging Handle Latch Assembly, Same as the real, uses a steel charging handle with a plastic wrap molding process. The result is both realistic and durable.
● Main Receiver Build Method, The entire receiver is manufactured from stamped steel, with welding and assembly just like the original; A true reproduction of the classic.
● Comes with Removable optic mount rail section, and compatible with Tokyo Marui Hensoldt style scope itself.
● Steel stamped classic lower housing with a welded grip frame; fits original grips.
● Realistic steel stamped fire selector lever and machined axis, with PSG-1 "0-1" (SAFE - SEMI) type selector icons.
● The steel stamped realistic shape trigger lives inside of the steel trigger guard, which is welded to the lower receiver to handle the toughest of use.
● Full realistic mechanism firing control group, disconnect set, hammer and hammer latch; all using metal as the material. It functions and strips down similar to its real counterpart.
● With a body made of aluminum alloy; the bolt carrier group is both lightweight and durable. This design not only optimizes the shooting experience, but with the added realistic details and coating, it also adds to the realistic look without sacrificing performance.
● Working together in harmony, the metal chamber enhances durability while the extra reinforced polymer feed ramp avoids wear on BB's.
● Continuing the pattern of durability, the recoil spring guide rod is made of steel and mounted to the buttstock assembly; simulating the breakdown and structure of the real G3.
● 1:1 correct dimension fixed stock set, the reinforced nylon stock body, working on every detail such as surface texture, and the angles. with adjustable buttpad and cheek piece.
● Includes the early type magazine design with the iconic ribs, aluminum alloy body and steel base plate with complete engravings. The design also moves the gas fill nozzle to the upper end of the magazine, so it is less noticeable and makes appearance more realistic.
● Dry fire function setting available with new version gas outlet and last-round stopping function.

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  • Manufactured by: Umarex

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 16 February, 2021.