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Real Sword AK Type 56-1 AEG

The package is included:
Gun,150 rds Magazine,Silencer Adaptor,Small Accessories Box.
Lenght: 645/874mm
Cartridge: 150 rds(6mm BB)
Materiel: Steel & Wood
Power: 295fps
System: Electrics
Gun History: In 1963, China produced type 56-1 7.62mm assault rifle based on the former Soviet Union Kalashnikov AK-47S. Adopting the metal folding stock, the compact and flexible layout made the gun especially easy to carry and operate in tight spaces. It was equipped by paratroopers, armor troops, and special operation forces. Its invention expanded the usage of type 56 and made it develop towards smaller and lighter type guns.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 24 November, 2007.