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The location of our shop

We open the airsoft online shop since 1995.We also have a store in Hong Kong.We are selling all airsoft gun, parts, accessories and others are just for toy use only.Before shipping out the Parcel, we will paint the gun muzzle into orange color and remove the real trademark.We deliver our products to all corners of the World. Customers shall review/consult their local representatives for LATEST relevant rules/policies.

Tokyo Model Shipping Rules

1. All items sold to customers do not include import tax, all import tax charge by custom must be paid by customers themselves.

2. If your orders include products with (Sea Mail Only), we will ship those particular items through SEA Mail separately without noticing.(**SEA Mail Will take months to get to their final destinations).

3. If any shipments seize/confiscate by Custom, Shipping fee can not be refunded.

4. Hong Kong Post Office reiterated that the sending of air mail items (including Speedpost) that contain dangerous articles is prohibited. The battery would be rejected. Please choose this item shipment by FedEx!

U.S / Italy Customer

Before ship out the Parcel, we will paint the muzzle into orange color and remove the real trademark.

All airsoft gun, parts, accessories and others are just for toy use only. 

Tokyo-Model Company


Prohibited Articles- Arms and Ammunition


In accordance with the Universal Postal Convention, with effective from 1 January 2010, the insertion of replica and inert explosive device sand military ordnance, including replica and inert grenades, inert shells and the like, are prohibited in all categorries of mail items. In addition, with immediate effect, battery, arms and ammunition are prohibited from posting notwithstanding their import and export have been covered by relevant licence issued by th Hong Kong Police Force and the Trade Department. If there are any Damage or Missing it all will not have any Refund. If you want to check your delay parcel from Hong Kong Post Office need at least two months.